The sign to the Hickory Area at Dorhout Mees


This year the Van Lanschot merchant bank held their prestigious Masters event from 10-12 September at Dorhout Mees, a beautiful golf and leisure park north of Amsterdam .  The event is one of the premier golf events in the Netherlands drawing big crowds to the luxurious surroundings.


Among the attractions were The Dutch Tour Challenge - a match between three top Dutch professionals, Martin Lefeber, Robert-Jan Derksen and Inder van Weerelt and a Mixed Tour Challenge with a better-ball between Lefeber, Derkesen and their lady professional partners, Nienke Nijenhuis and Sophie Sandolo. 

Jeremy Dale, (picture left), the amazing golf trick shot artist stunned the crowds with his skills and there were plenty of golf competitions and opportunities for golf tips for the many visitors.  The Paris catwalk came to the main marquee and, of course, Past Masters were there, too, bringing a touch of the old game to this most modern event.



                                                The weather recognised how important an
                                                event it was and the sun shone throughout,
                                                bathing the beautiful tented village and
                                                surroundings in warmth and light.




The marquees were quite splendid
with their merchandise
stands, refreshment areas and
stunning displays.




      Past Masters Tent & Clubs at Dorhout Mees         

     The organisers- Made in Scotland
    (right), the Van Lanschot Bank, the
    sponsors, the Dorhout Mees club
    and all who worked so hard are to
    be congratulated on a wonderful
    and memorable time.