Hick giving a talk in the sunshine at Barseback

Our hero crossed the North Sea in July to take Past Masters Old Links Golf Events to Sweden for a mini tour in conjunction with the Swedish Hickory Championships 2002.

The event was to be held at Torekov this year and thanks to our Swedish friends, especially Claes Kvist, seen left in Hick's event marquee, a number of clubs in Southern Sweden decided to stage their own mini hickory challenges.

The first was held at Kristianstad, Ahus, and its success heralded a great start to the week.

The championships were held at the weekend on Torekov's original old nine hole course, specially restored for the event.  Chris set a course record on the practice day but in one of those cruel tricks of golf and form, had a dreadful day on the day itself and the title goes back to Sweden.


Never mind - there is always next year, when the championships move to Stockholm!  There were spectators and national press there this year.  The whole hickory scene is really taking off in Scandinavia.

The club held another Old Links event on the following day which was again a great success with the sun shining down as it was for the rest of the following week's tour at Bastad, Viken and Barseback.

                                                                                                                                 A slightly damp but nonetheless enthusiastic
                                                                                                                                                                      crowd at the Championship at Torekov

Hick was most appreciative of the most friendly welcome, and wonderful  hospitality he was shown.  Everywhere enthusiasm and interest for Past Masters Old Links Golf was amazing and we plan to return for several more tours next year.  One idea we are looking into is the possibility of running a hickory sticks event in the most northerly club in Sweden in the midnight sun!

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  Two Swedish ladies dress the part at Barseback