Pierre Fulke - Swedish Hickory Champion 2007

  This year the Championships were held on Saturday 14 July at Ljunghusen Golf Club near Malmo in
  Southern Sweden.  A staggering 83 competitors from Europe and the U.S.A. competed and the entry
  was dominated by low amateur and professional names.  The latter included ex-Tour winners Adam
  Mednick and Ryder Cup favourite, Pierre Fulke, who was the new Champion with a round of 71.

  The handicap prize was won by the defending Champion, Michael Garnow, below left, with our own Hick as
  runner-up.  The Ladies Champion was Pia Ramel (below right).


  The weather, which has been as bad in Sweden this summer as in the U.K., relented. The morning of
  the practice day was awash and when the sun came out in the afternoon the competitors were
  plagued with swarms of mosquitoes - deep joy! But the Championships were played in reasonable conditions, though the
  course, like so many northern European courses this summer, was wet and playing its full length.

  Next year's event will be held on 26 July at Isabergs Golf Club.  Care to join in?