Pehr Thermaenius and Jorgen Linse shake hands at the Torslanda Golf Club in Gothenburg after the Swedish Hickory Championships held there on 18 July 2001. 

Jorgen (pictured left) is holding some of Past Masters' long nose woods, hand made by Christopher 'Hickory' Homer exactly as they were by the old Scottish clubmakers. 

The Swedes loved these old weapons and were playing from one end of the practice ground to the other until there was nothing left of the featherie balls to hit!

Chris won the title by a somewhat definitive margin of eleven strokes with a 73 on Torslanda's 5400 par 68. Lohl Dahl won the ladies event. She played for Sweden during 19581960 (and never lost a match) but she is a novice at hickory golf. She played with clubs that used to belong to her father, Douglas Brasier. He was one of the first British professionals who came to Scandinavia to teach the game.