Strathaven Golf Club in Scotland celebrated its Centenary in style in June and were in no way deterred by the date - Friday 13th!  The hickory event was the opening day in a two week celebration of this important milestone in the Club's history.

As we all know this summer has not been particularly conducive to golf events but here at Past Masters we seem to have some kind of partial immunity as we have had if not sunny days, weather which allowed everyone to enjoy the day without having to cover up all those great period dress items with modern waterproofs!  It also allowed us to take some photos as you can see.



On the left on the tee is Jean Cameron.  She is the granddaughter of early professional, John Cameron.  It was wonderful to see her take part in this day.  Notice how much trouble all the ladies here have gone to in dressing for the occasion.  The best dressed prize went to Moira Wilson.