The first hickory event of the 2008 season saw Past Masters on 9 May at Hartley Wintney Golf Club in Hampshire. 

Cliff Ferguson, pictured left, had organised a special golf event for Glad's House, the charity he runs to raise money for street children in Mombasa, Kenya. 

This worthwhile cause has brought all kinds of help and support to the
local communities there. 

Read more about their work here.


Twelve teams of four took out the hickory sticks with a wonderful range of prizes.  A putting competition with Past Masters replica long-nose putters and authentic gutty balls got everyone in the mood.


The weather was more like summer than spring and it meant that the barbeque and the 1920s jazz band and vintage car display were held in the sunshine, adding a festive atmosphere to the whole thing.
Auctions and raffles were all generously supported both by prize donors and subscribers.


One team even hired 'Eye Candy Caddies'  (see right!) to add a touch of glamour to the proceedings.


The event was a huge success with everyone, so much so that the whole thing will happen again next year
so, if you are interested, contact Cliff Ferguson and book your team for 8 May 2009!