The 'Made In Scotland' Team

Past Masters broke new ground this year when we took the clubs to Holland to a 'Back To The Roots' golf day organised at De Lage Vuursche, a hidden gem of a course near Utrecht.  The team at 'Made In Scotland', who have their HQ at De Lage Vuursche, put on a  celebration of golf from its early beginnings to the present day.

Hick was there to supply the clubs for the golf event in the afternoon which was nine hickory holes and then nine 
 modern holes.  In the morning he gave the first of two talks along with Robert
 Wootton, telling the story of the development of the equipment 'From Hickories to
 Hogan' and to the present. Then Arnoud de Jager explained the development of the
 playing surfaces over the years and how conditions and machinery have changed to
 meet the demands of the 21st century golfer.

 Of course there is the claim that the roots of the game lie, not in Scotland, but in the
 Netherlands but whatever the truth of the origins, which are shrouded in the mists of
 time, there is no doubt that the modern structure and rules can be linked to the Royal
 and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.  The third of the event's presentations was the
 'Made In Scotland' professionals explaining the essence, etiquette and rules of the
 game.   In Holland and elsewhere on the continent the emphasis on knowing the rules
 and etiquette is a part of every beginner's education and introduction into the
 game.  At Past Masters we believe that understanding (and applying!) the rules and
 etiquette greatly enhances  the enjoyment of everyone on the course and it was great
 to be a part of this thoroughly enjoyable day.